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So…i guess i’m back. bigger and better than EVAR. ;]

I know it’s been awhile, i guess i’m not much of a tumblr person. not much of an anything person to be honest. But i’m here and i’m posting a story that i wrote, started it last semester but i just finished it now.

i don’t know why but i have a hard time finishing things i get started on. i’ve got half a dozen stories that i’ve got floating around in a notebook or laptop, still waiting to be finished.

anyway, figured i’d post the one story i have actually finshed in awhile. hope whichever of y’all read it enjoy it. Just figured i’d just start getting my stuff out there.

Enjoy my lovelies! ^__^ <3

The Wedding

Chapter 1

She climbed out from underneath the covers where she had laid in silence next to the man she had known for years. She slipped on a bathrobe and walked to her kitchen, lighting up a cigarette as she sat in silence, her thoughts thundering inside her mind.

            It shocked her, if she was honest with herself, that she had ended up like this; that this was her life. As a girl, she had dreams of having a family and a successful career by this point in her life; funny how things never work out the way you plan.

            She walked back into her bedroom, waking the man who’d she’d been writhing under hours before. He woke slowly, stretching languidly across her bed. He sat up, staring at her confusedly as she sat at the edge of the bed, looking at him quietly. Grabbing his clothing in her hand, she tossed it to him, “Get dressed and go, I’ve got a busy day in the morning and you know how I feel about you attempting to stay the night.”

            She left quickly so she wouldn’t have to deal with him anymore; he was only ever there for one thing only and he had served his purpose this week. Besides that, once she had let him stay the night, albeit mistakenly, and woke to find herself bound by his arms and legs, his face buried in her neck and nuzzling her in his sleep. After that she always made sure to never fall asleep beside him and to wake him so that he would leave her home.

            He was only there to fulfill her needs, and she didn’t want to coddled and cared for. That would lead to developing emotions, something that in her experience only ever served to complicate things. And those emotions were something she had long ago decided she could live without.

            A soft knock roused her from her thoughts and she looked up to find him standing in the doorway, looking at her. “Yes Martin?” she questioned softly, taking a sip from the wine she had poured herself earlier.

            “I just wanted to let you know that I was leaving Clarissa,” he responded to her, his arms waving awkwardly at his sides as he debated whether to approach her or not.

            She turned from him, still clutching the wine glass, and answered, “Alright, you know where the door is; I’ll see you next week.” She heard him take a step closer to her, the sound of his heavy work boots echoing on her floor.

            “Clarissa…I’m worried about you. You aren’t who you used to be. And I’ll admit, when you first proposed this…arrangement per se, to me, I didn’t much care why. Only what it entailed. But I’ve known you for many years now and you’ve become colder ever since Mi—”.

            She turned on him swiftly, anger burning fiercely in her eyes, “DON’T YOU DARE SAY HIS NAME! I told you before Martin that I NEVER want to hear his name for the rest of my life. We fuck Martin, and THAT is the extent of our relationship. You have no say in my life otherwise.”

            He stared at her in shock, his mouth gaping open before he shut it, sighing quietly and turned from her, his face dejected as he told her: “Alright Clarissa, I’m sorry I brought anything up. I’ll see you another time.” He walked away from her then, leaving her to do whatever it was that she needed to do.

            Clarissa sat fuming silently in her kitchen, for awhile before finally pulling out the cigarette she’d been smoking and emptying her glass of wine in one gulp and placing it in her sink. She walked to the doorway, glancing around the kitchen silently, her eyes lingering on the wedding invitation that lay open on her kitchen island before turning off the light and walking toward her bedroom to rest a little longer.


Chapter 2

Rachel smiled as she curled into her fiancé’s bare chest, her hands tracing slow circles on his skin as she admired the diamond ring that adorned her fingers. Sighing slightly, she unfurled herself from him and rose from the bed, a slight shiver going up her spine as the night air hit her nude body.

            She put on one of her robes as she made her way into the bathroom, reflecting on the man she had just left who was still deep in slumber, the very man that she’d be marrying in a few days. As Rachel washed her face, the excitement steadily bubbled through her, the same way it had been ever since she and Michael began planning their wedding.

            He really needed to stop teasing her about it though; she just couldn’t help it if she was so thrilled about becoming Mrs. Michael Matthews. Rachel Matthews, she was going to be Rachel Matthews.

            She walked back to the bedroom, and stood in the doorway, smiling at Michael’s sleeping form. That was the man she was going to marry and she could say with honesty that he was the love of her life. Even though she sometimes felt that he wasn’t always there with her, but she used to always chalk it up to him being preoccupied with work. Granted, it didn’t happen as often anymore, not as much as it had when they had first started seeing each other. But once she got him to open up to her and share at least some of his thoughts, she realized that in truth, his mind often wandered to someone he had lost, not in the sense that they had died, but that the person had told him that he couldn’t be in her life anymore and she had just disappeared.

            Didn’t answer his texts or calls or emails; she just up and moved away, changing everything, leaving her family behind. And it had hurt him deeply, so deeply, that even recounting the story to her had been difficult on him. And she couldn’t blame Michael for it. His best friend had just dropped off the face of the Earth and gave him no reason or justification for doing so.

Rachel ached for him, but even so she had been glad he had shared his past with her. Particularly glad because when she had trouble deciding what to get him as a surprise wedding gift, she knew exactly what to get him. She would get him the one thing no one else could get him, something he had lost long ago, his best friend. She just hoped that Clarissa would actually come to their wedding and that Michael would be ecstatic about Clarissa showing up.

His best friend had been difficult to find at first, but a private investigator made things infinitely easier, after all, there weren’t many Clarissa’s that were published authors who also owned their own therapy practice. Rachel had to admit that finding out more about Clarissa had intimidated her a little; she was a woman who had accomplished much in a short amount of time but then again, she had also alienated people who had cared for her.

But Rachel had steeled herself and persevered with inviting Clarissa to hers and Michael’s wedding because she knew that Clarissa’s presence there would make Michael so much happier on his wedding day. So for that, she prayed that Clarissa would show.


Chapter 3

            Tick, tock. Tick, tock; went the clock as Clarissa listened to the steady thump while absentmindedly writing notes about her last patient, Mrs. Dorothea Andrews, who was seeking therapy because she thought it would get her to better herself before she could reconnect with her estranged children. She saw Mrs. Andrews twice a week and she had made much progress with her since they had started working together a year ago. So much in fact, that Clarissa was going to recommend that Mrs. Andrews try contacting her youngest child since she would most likely be the one more open to talking to dear old mom again. She truly hoped that Mrs. Andrews had a lot of luck, because in truth, she was a lonely woman who was a victim of life. Much the same as Clarissa herself was.

She paused as a knock echoed on her door and her secretary/best friend’s voice flowed through.

“Oh Dr. Steeeevenson, your six o’clock appointment is HA-ERE!”

A chuckle rose from Clarissa as she grinned widely and replied, “Tell them to go away! I’m not a psychiatrist! I don’t deal with CRAZY!”
            The door opened, revealing Olivia standing there with an expression of insult on her face. The bubble of laughter that Clarissa had kept down now came bursting out of her as soon as Olivia had revealed herself.
            “Oh, hardy-har-har, Clarissa. Now hurry up and let’s go! I’m practically wasting away here.”

Sighing dramatically, Clarissa made a motion as though she was getting up but instead slouched further into her chair. “But I’m so tired Olivia, I can barely mooove!”

“Oh, NO YOU DON’T!” Olivia exclaimed, strutting over and grabbing one of Clarissa’s arms while pulling fiercely, before giving up because Clarissa had made herself limp and difficult to move.

“Ugh! You are impossible! All I want to do is eat and you’re stopping me from doing that!”

Clarissa watched as Olivia collapsed dramatically onto the sofa where her patients sat. Laughing loudly, she rose and nudged Olivia, “C’mon then you big baby, let’s go.”

Bouncing quickly off the couch, Olivia walked over to Clarissa, threaded her arm through hers and together they left.

Moments later, they sat in a corner booth of their favorite little diner, Madeline’s. Clarissa had found herself here years earlier by accident, as she had been wandering around in a slight daze after…well, after she had cut the ties to her former life. The owner had been about to lock up when Clarissa had appeared and she supposed that something in the way she had looked then had made Madeline open back up and give her a meal. Since that night, she’d been coming here when she could and had become close friends with Madeline or Maddie as she preferred.

A warm cup of coffee was laid in front of her and she prepared it happily, listening to Olivia chatter on about her newest lover-boy. But she soon found her mind wandering to Michael, and the manner she had left him, as well as the reasons why. But more than anything, she focused on that accursed wedding invitation she had received. She had been all over the place emotionally since then; going so far as to call her… “need-fulfiller” (as dubbed by Olivia) more often than the usual once a week. She was a mess and no matter how calm and collected she tried to be, it wasn’t working out very well and soon someone was going to notice, if they hadn’t already, like Martin had.

“Clarissa…Clarissa! Helloooo in there!” Olivia’s voice rang out, piercing Clarissa’s thoughts and snapping her out of her daze.

“I’m sorry Olivia. What were you saying?”

Olivia looked back at her, a worried expression on her face, “Clarissa, I’m worried about you. Ever since that wedding invitation from Michael, you’ve been out of sorts.”

“I know I have. And I’m sorry. But the invitation took me by surprise. I ran away from him and from my past life, Olivia. I was going to start to reconnect with that part of my past eventually but then that damned invitation pops up in the mail and I don’t know, it just turned me upside down.”

She felt as Olivia patted her hand reassuringly. “If you ask me, I think it’s good that this happened. You obviously still have unresolved issues about him. And if you go, at least you’ll have some closure. I think by leaving and thinking that you’d be back eventually, you kept a torch for him in your heart, never really closing that part of your life. Especially considering the way you left him. But hopefully seeing him having moved on, will let you move on as well.”

She mulled over what Olivia said to her, and it made sense. Perhaps seeing him with another would let her close that chapter of her past and move on to other things. “You’re right Olivia. I think I will go after all. I’m probably too late to RSVP, but I’m sure they could accommodate me somehow. It does say I’m a guest of honor after all.”

Olivia smiled at her, satisfied to have, in-a-sense, gotten her way with her; particularly since she had been telling Clarissa to go to the wedding ever since she had been told about it and about Michael.

Banishing Michael and his upcoming nuptials (that she was now apparently going to attend) from her mind, she continued her meal with Olivia, chatting over other less serious topics.


Chapter 4

As Michael woke, his eyes blinked opened slowly before they settled on a spot on the ceiling, allowing him to remember where he was. And his first thought, was what it had been every morning for years now; of the woman he loved. This tragically enough, wasn’t the woman he’d be marrying later today, but another. But she was lost to him and had felt a lot of pressure from his family and friends to pop the question to Rachel. Rachel was a sweet girl and he knew his marriage to her would be a fairly easy one. They rarely squabbled and she was very lax with him in general, but she simply didn’t…”vibe” with him the way that…that SHE had.

Sighing, he rose, heading to the bathroom and noticing that Rachel had left a noted taped to the door: “Good morning sleepy-head! I’m already at my mother’s getting ready. Can’t wait to see you and begin our ‘forever after’ today! I love you! Rachel XOXO”. A small smile lay on his lips as he set about his morning routine, removing thoughts of his lost love and getting prepared for his wedding today.


As Michael had arisen and was getting prepared, Clarissa was as well, she had slightly curled her hair into gentle waves, placing it in a bun that she would later let down and to the side for the actual wedding. The red satin dress with matching heels that she would wear, were placed neatly in her suitcase, along with enough clothes for a two-night stay in a hotel, since she would have to fly to Chicago.

Before she had left, she had made some sure that Olivia had called all of her patients to let them know she’d be unavailable for a few days but that once she returned she would contact them and set up appointments again. She stood up and looked around to make sure that she hadn’t forgotten anything before walking outside and climbing into the cab she had ordered, and awaited her arrival at the airport


Rachel was ecstatic, today was finally the day. The day that her life would truly begin, well, more so, it was the beginning of her happily ever after. She couldn’t wait to see the look on Michael’s face when she entered and walked up the aisle.

She had made sure that all her bridesmaids would be ready and that she had something old, something borrowed, something new and something blue. A silly wedding superstition but also a bit of a tradition, which was the only reason she was doing it.

Today was going to be perfect and there wasn’t a thing in the world that could ruin her wedding day. Rachel grinned happily, taking a small twirl in her dress


To say that Clarissa was upset was an understatement. She was pissed. She had arrived at the airport late thanks to her cabbie that spent the whole ride arguing on the phone with his wife. So when she finally arrived at the damned airport, she had found out her flight had been delayed.

This meant that she wouldn’t make the wedding on time and she wouldn’t be able to stop at her hotel and get dressed. So to save time, she would have to change there, at the airport, as she waited out her plane. She was fine with all of that. But she sure as hell wasn’t fine with the overwhelming amount of lecherous men who eyed her creepily and undressed her with their eyes as she sat there pretending not to notice. Truth be told, Clarissa blamed Olivia for this. If it hadn’t been for her, she wouldn’t be waiting for an airplane to Chicago and she certainly wouldn’t be in a damn red satin dress.

“Flight 329 to Chicago is now boarding at gate 3A!”

“Finally!!” Clarissa exclaimed, grabbing her things and rushing to the gate entrance, eager to get away from the leering men around her.

“Hello Ma’am. May I see your boarding pass?” the girl at the gate asked her, holding out her hand as Clarissa handed her the pass. “Alright Ms. Stevenson, you’re all set to go, have a good flight.”

“Thank you.” Clarissa took one last look behind her, before admitting a sigh of defeat and boarding the plane. Her moment to run was now and she had just decided not to take the opportunity.


Michael waited patiently at the altar as everyone around him fidgeted around in their seats and kept their camera ready to take picture upon picture of the bride the moment she walked in. He was going to be officially married in a few hours. He hoped that he could do right by Rachel, and that he would forget Clarissa in time, though how likely that was, was a different issue altogether. For now, he would focus on making Rachel happy today. As he would, one day at a time, while trying to forget the woman he truly loved.

Here comes the bride began playing and Michael (along with everyone else) turned around and watched as Rachel made her way down the aisle, arm in arm with her father, beaming at Michael and everyone in the church. He smiled and locked eyes with her as her father handed her over to him and stepped down to his seat.

“You look gorgeous, Rachel.” He told her, smiling at the fact that all she did in return was mumble thanks as a blush lit up her face, before turning toward the priest.

Taking her cue, Michael turned as well and listened attentively as the priest began the ceremony.

“Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to join Michael Christopher Matthews and Rachel Jessica Smith in holy matrimony.”


Clarissa was mentally kicking herself and hoping to god that the church door wouldn’t make any noise when she pushed it open. Before doing so though, she smoothed down her dress and made sure her make-up and hair were as perfect as she was able to get it.

Sighing, she placed her hands on the door and pushed hard, wincing as the door thundered open.


Rachel glanced back, as did everyone else; when she heard the church doors open; particularly because the priest had just asked if anyone had a reason that she and Michael shouldn’t be married at this moment. A chill went up her spine but she shrugged it off to the cold and stared toward the back, locking eyes for a brief moment with the strange woman in red who had just interrupted her wedding.

Chapter 5

“Fuck me, fuck me, fuuuuuck me.” That was the only thing going through Clarissa’s head as she stood frozen by the door, feeling the eyes of everyone inside the church on her. She smoothed her dress once more, squared her shoulders as she took a quick deep breath before grasping her clutch and walking toward the front of the church, her heels clicking along the ground the whole time. She had hoped to sneak in and sit in the back, probably talk to Michael at the reception, but since that plan was shot to hell, she figured she might as well sit at the front, since her wedding invitation did say that was where her ‘guest of honor’ seat would be. 

She sat down, crossed her legs, placed her hands in her lap, her eyes locking only briefly with Michael’s before she turned to Rachel and spoke: “I am very sorry to have interrupted your wedding in the manner that I did. But I do hope that things can progress once more, if that’s alright with you Ms. Smith?”

The look on Rachel’s face was one of shock, but she composed herself nonetheless and nodded quickly before facing forward again, getting ready to open her mouth to the priest to resume her wedding. But then Michael’s voice stopped her, and once more she felt that shiver rise in her spine.


            The moment she had walked in, Michael had been certain he was still at home, asleep in his bed, dreaming of her. But he knew that that wasn’t the case, he knew that he was in fact, standing inside a church, at an altar next to a woman that he wasn’t irrevocably in love with. And that in fact, the woman whom he was irrevocably in love with, had just walked in, looking as stunning as she always had. He felt like his heart had literally stopped.

Even after she spoke, and he realized that his fiancée was turning around to continue his marriage, he couldn’t stop himself. He stayed turned around, away from the altar and even stepped down, towards her.

            “Cla…Clarissa? Is that really you? Are…are you really here right now?” He took another step and another, before he found himself right in front of her and dropped to his knees. “I…Clarissa, I looked everywhere for you after you left. Wh-What are you doing here?”

            He registered the look of confusion on her face as the last question left his lips and his eyes searching hers, he waited for her to answer.

            “What do you mean, what am I doing here? Michael, you invited me to your wedding. I’m here because of the wedding invitation I got in the mail.”
            “Invitation? Clarissa, I’ve had no idea where you’ve been since the last time I saw you all those years ago. There’s no way I could’ve sent you an invitation, even if I had wanted to.”
            “Well then Michael, I don’t know who it was, but I’ve got an invitation here that says I’m a guest of honor at this wedding.”

            The feel of Rachel’s fingers on his shoulder, caused him to turn around and get some of his wits about him, remembering that he was in fact, at what was supposed to be his wedding. “Rachel?”

            “Maybe we can head to the back and talk about all of this? Away from all the guests Michael, please. And Clarissa too, if you’re alright with that anyway.” Rachel waited for him to nod before she led them both to the back after telling their friends and family that they’d all be right back.

            When they all reached the small room in the back where Rachel had waited to be walked out, Clarissa and Michael both turned to Rachel, awaiting her explanation. Michael more so since his apparent fiancée knew why the woman he’d been in love with for years had suddenly reappeared in his life, at his wedding no less. 


Rachel sighed as she stared at Michael and Clarissa, who were both staring right back at her, waiting to hear what she knew. “I invited her to our wedding Michael. As a surprise. For you. I remember you telling me about her and how much you missed her because she was your best friend and how it broke you that she left. So I hired a private investigator to find her and I sent her the invitation.”
            She watched both of them carefully, noting how both of them looked at their hands, the floor, the wall, everything but at each other or at her. Once more, Rachel sighed and she walked toward the door; “I’ll leave you two alone to talk. I’ll be in the room next door waiting once you’re done.”
            As Rachel walked out and closed the door, she felt like she was closing the door on something more than just her fiancée and his best friend. And for a third time, that shiver went up her spine. But this time, she didn’t chalk it up to the cold.

Chapter 6

Clarissa watched as Rachel walked out, waiting for the door to completely close and for Rachel’s footsteps to recede completely before she turned to Michael. “You…you looked for me?”

Clarissa was looking down, but she could see that Michael had turned to her, and she knew him well enough after all these years, to know that he was looking at her, still searching for words.

“I did everything I could to find you. But it was like you just fell off the face of the earth. No one knew where you had gone, your friends, our friends, everyone was clueless. After awhile, I just…I gave up on everything. Hell Clarissa, I was so depressed that I stayed home for days, taking vacation time off work, just so that I didn’t have to deal with anything. Kevin and Steve had to come by and literally drag me out of bed and force me to do things.”

Clarissa’s eyes watered as she watched Michael nearly break down and tell her everything about how his life was after she had left him; after she had just decided to disappear from his life. She felt for him, she did; because it was exactly how she had felt leaving him.

For so long after she had first met Maddie, all she did was mope around the diner or in her hotel room, barely eating, sleeping, she would just lay there. Leaving Michael had devastated her, but she had been so sure that he would be fine, but hearing him now, it was obvious that he had suffered as much as she had to be separated from each other.

            “I’m sorry Michael, I really am. I mean, god knows that I suffered as much as you did when I walked away. But I truly thought that it would be the best for us. You know that I am not exactly someone ‘well-adjusted’ or ‘normal’ or what-have-you. I left because I thought that you deserved to be with someone who isn’t as messed up as I am. Someone who doesn’t come with as much baggage.” Clarissa rose, walking around the room and looking at everything but at Michael, afraid to lock eyes with him.

            “Clarissa…you know that never mattered to me. Never did and it never will. I loved you. Hell, I still love you. There hasn’t been a day that’s gone by that I don’t wake up or go to sleep thinking of you, where you are, how you’re doing. You’re everything to me. Still are.”

            Clarissa felt his hands on her shoulder, and she turned around to face him, her watery eyes searching his. He held her hands in his, and she could tell that his eyes were asking were ‘please’, asking her for an answer, for a response to what he had just confessed to her.

And truth be told, she had been lying to herself all these years, lying to herself every time she slept with her ‘need-fulfiller’. She thought that she was over him, that the reason she never went past a first date with someone was because of her own issues, and in a way it was, her issues with the fact that she had walked away from the man that she was desperately in love with.

            “Michael…I’ve missed you as well. And yes, I’m still in love with you too. Leaving you nearly killed me. But Michael…you’re getting married. You can’t just leave now. We’re at your wedding for Christ’s sake. What about all those people out there? What about Rachel? It’s…it’s too late for us Michael.” It hurt her so much to say that to him, she felt like she was taking a knife and twisting it deep into her chest, right where her heart was.
            “NO. It’s never too late Clarissa, don’t you see? I had prayed that you would show up today or yesterday, that you would show up and stop this…farce that I would be entering into if I went through with this marriage. Rachel’s a sweet girl but I don’t love her. I only proposed to her because of the pressure that my family and friends put on me. The guys, they kept telling me to give up on you, they convinced me that Rachel would be a good wife and that’s what I needed since…well since you were never coming back.”

            Clarissa sighed and she took Michael’s hands in hers and looked him straight in the eyes, “I know Michael and you have no idea how sorry I am that I left; that I threw away what we had. I love you Michael, I do. And I would love nothing more than to run out of that door, down the church steps and disappear forever with you. But I can’t do that to someone, or let you do it to someone. You…you have to marry her. It’s the right thing to do.”
            The door swung open, and as Michael looked up, so did Clarissa and through her tears she saw Rachel standing there, still in her wedding dress and tears streaming down her eyes as well

Chapter 7

            “R-Rachel? What are you doing here?” Michael’s voice rang out, the shock evident in it at seeing his fiancée standing there in front of him.

            “Oh Michael…I’m sorry but I just couldn’t help myself. You two had been talking for awhile and I came back to see what was going on and I…I heard you tell her how you were still in love with her. How much it hurt you to have had her disappear, how much you want to run off with her. And then, I listened to her. I was so sure that she would just agree and that you two would run away, leaving me here to figure everything out. But instead, she…she told you to walk back out and marry me.”

Rachel moved closer to them, still continuing her speech as the tears streamed more freely down her face, “To marry someone that you didn’t love because she was so sure that it was too late for you two. And I have to admit that I just…well, I’m finally seeing the truth. It’s always been her, hasn’t it, Michael? From the moment we met, I knew that there was someone else on your mind, and when you told me about Clarissa, I convinced myself that she wasn’t the woman who tormented you. It was so stupid and naïve of me to think that, but now I know that it was her, that it was only ever her and… Christ, Michael. I can’t let you just walk away now.”

Michael took a step toward her, the disbelief was plain as day on his face: “What are you saying Rachel? Because, well…I’m just not sure what you’re trying to tell me.”

Clarissa watched as Rachel sighed sadly, her mouth twisting into a sad smile as she glanced between Michael and Clarissa, her gaze focusing mostly on Michael. “What I’m saying Michael, is to go. Be with her. I’ll take care of everything here. They’ll know that I told you to go and I’ll tell our families why. No one else will have to know.”

“Rachel…are you sure? Will you be okay? I can go out there with you and explain to our families together. You don’t have to do it alone.”
            “No Michael. You two have missed too much time already. Go now and be with each other. But I mean really be with each other. Stop hiding things from each other, and don’t run away anymore.” With the last line she looked at Clarissa pointedly, causing her to squirm slightly under her gaze.

Clarissa watched as Michael went up to Rachel and hugged her tightly, placing a kiss on her forehead and she heard a faint ‘thank you’ whispered to her. She could tell that Rachel was still crying when Michael turned around and took her hands as he stepped toward her.

“Let’s go Clarissa. That’s if…you’re still willing to run away with me.” He smiled cheekily at her, that same smile that she had always loved. The one he always used when he teased her.

She stood up and took his hand, smiling softly at him, before bringing him into an embrace. “I’m ready if you are. Warning you though, for a therapist, I can be pretty crazy.”

“I can deal with crazy. Hell, I’m a little crazy myself; I’m in love with you after all.” He replied, his hand squeezing hers as he moved to lead her out of the church. Clarissa held back a bit and had him wait, disentangling her hand from his.

Clarissa moved towards Rachel, and when she was standing directly in front of her, she took her in her arms, hugging her tightly, noting how Rachel shook slightly meanwhile. “Thank you Rachel. Thank you so much. You’re much stronger than I am, that’s for sure. I wouldn’t have done that for someone, especially not another woman.”

“I just want Michael to be happy and I know that you’re the one that will make him happy. That sparkle that he’s got in his eye, he’s never gotten that once when he looked at me. But you, for some reason, you’re different Clarissa. I just wish I would’ve realized things sooner, then this wedding would’ve never happened at all. No need for a showdown in front of so many people.”

Clarissa just looked at her sadly before turning around and taking Michael’s hand once more, walked out of the door. While she was sad about Rachel, she was excited about being with Michael and she knew for sure that Olivia was going to get a kick out of this when she told her. She would have to call her about her appointments being put on hold for longer, since she and Michael had a lot of talking to do. For now, she just followed him out, her hand entwined tightly with his.

As soon as they were out of the church and down the steps, Michael twirled her around and kissed her soundly on the lips. “I love you Clarissa.”

            “I love you too Michael.” She whispered to him, beaming widely at him.

            He smiled back at her before kissing her soundly again, lifting her off the ground in joy, her feet dangling in the air. He placed her down again and taking her hand, they walked down the street happily.

            It was then that Clarissa knew that years ago when she ran, it wasn’t because she was running from her past or her present from that point, it wasn’t completely because she wanted to fix herself. It was because she had been afraid, afraid of her future and she had been running from it. Running from fate. But she knew now that you can’t run from fate. It finds you one way or another, no matter how much you try to hide from it.

The End


Season 3 - The Wish, Vampire Willow and Xander


Season 3 - The Wish, Vampire Willow and Xander

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I&#8217;m doing that right now. AWW YEAH.

I’m doing that right now. AWW YEAH.

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Drunk People Should Not Have Phones

So…last night, I ended up spending the later hours of the night with my friends since it was one of my best friend’s birthday. She turned 22 today. Well…I left at around 2:15am and everyone was still pretty wide awake. I got home and…these texts to our other best friend are what followed:

Me: You’re such a good best friend. I lovr you ad Karla and Kahlin. You guys are aweso:-)r.

Steffy: We love you so much darling.

Me: <3 good night bestest friends. Ever. I love you guys:-) for realz.

Drunk (or tipsy in my case, since I wasn’t really drunk) people should NOT have phones. For realz. XD

I really want this right now. =/

I really want this right now. =/

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It looks like eating a multicolored double sided dildo. 

I’ve always wanted to eat a multicolored double sided dildo…

Who hasn’t wanted to eat a multicoloured double sided dildo?

Im sorry but i have never eaten a multicoloured double sided dildo..

i dont care all i want to know is where can i get one of these

oh hell yeah. I’ve been looking for these for forever! Multicoloured double sided dildo FTW!

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This made me tear up. *sniffle*

This made me tear up. *sniffle*

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